Making dreams
of homeownership
come true.

About JPFA

The Mission of the Jefferson Parish Finance Authority is to provide financial assistance to Jefferson Parish residents and the surrounding parishes for homeownership thereby enhancing economic development.

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Resources for Home Buyers

Taking the steps toward home ownership can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help! Our programs and funding are immediately available for use.

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Resources for Lenders

Whether you are interested in becoming one of our Qualified Lenders or want links to helpful resources, we have everything you need on our Lenders page.

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Resources for Realtors

Realtors are a critical part of home-buying success. Find more information for realtors.

Daily Rates

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Mortgage Rate Borrower Assistance Type of Loan Income Restrictions
Government Loans
6.750% 0.00% FHA, VA, USDA ≤ $121,520
7.250% 2.00% FHA, VA, USDA ≤ $121,250
7.625% 3.00% FHA, VA, USDA ≤ $121,520
7.750% 4.00% FHA, VA, USDA ≤ $121,520
Conventional Loans
7.000% 0.00% Fannie Mae OR Freddie Mac ≤ $69,440
7.375% 2.00% Fannie Mae OR Freddie Mac ≤ $69,440
7.750% 3.00% Fannie Mae OR Freddie Mac ≤ $69,440
7.875% 4.00% Fannie Mae OR Freddie Mac ≤ $69,440
7.250% 0.00% Fannie Mae ≤ $121,520
7.750% 2.00% Fannie Mae ≤ $121,520

Our bond program is now open for reservations! Visit the program page to learn more and apply!