Heroes to Homeowners

Making dreams of home ownership come true to those who provide safety, care and education to our community.

A veteran and her partner sit together on the red brick steps of their house, holding hands. The veteran is wearing Army camo and combat boots, and her partner is dressed casually.
A mother in scrubs walks behind her child, who is riding a red bike with training wheels on a quiet, pretty suburban road.

Program Highlights

  • $2500 Grant for Qualified Professionals
  • A true grant, wired at the time of closing.
  • Funded by JPFA


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Qualifying Professions

Heroes to Homeowners grants are for currently employed:

  • Education Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Members of the Military

Your two most recent pay stubs will be required to show your current qualifying employment.

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Location Requirements

Approved Locations:

  • Jefferson Parish

Additional Information

Heroes to Homeowners is a grant designed for use alongside one of JPFA’s loan programs, so in order to receive the grant, you must also apply for one of JPFA’s loan programs. For more details, see the Heroes to Homeowners guidelines and the information on the program pages.

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Borrowers: Contact a Lender To Apply

JPFA does not accept applications for the programs we offer. In order to apply for the Heroes to Homeowners program, you need to go through a qualified lender.

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Lenders: Become a Qualified Lender for the Heroes to Homeowners Program

Looking to become a qualified lender for the Heroes to Homeowners program?

Our bond program is now open for reservations! Visit the program page to learn more and apply!

The Comfort of Home Program's second loan term has been reduced from 15 years to 5 years effective 3.25.24!