An aerial view of a neighborhood in Metairie on a bright, sunny day. Houses with brown, gray, and reddish roofs are lined up along a street, with bright green lawns and lots of trees. Several houses have pools in their backyards, and a few cars are parked in driveways and along the road.


JPFA oversees multiple programs to help make home-buying dreams a reality in Jefferson Parish and surrounding areas. For more information, see Our Programs.

The requirements for each of our programs are different. To find out which program is right for you, you can read more about our programs or contact a qualified lender.

JPFA does not accept applications for any of the programs it oversees. As a potential homebuyer, your next step will be contacting a qualified lender.

If you are a lender interested in qualifying to offer one of our programs, check out our Lenders page.

Check out our list of qualified lenders to see who participates.

JPFA is a non-governmental partner of Jefferson Parish that works to make the dream of homeownership a reality in our area. To learn more, visit our About page.

Our bond program is now open for reservations! Visit the program page to learn more and apply!